Box knight

The office has fallen into darkness. Knock-off beers and laughter are no longer permitted. The once happy employees have now turned into dark and dangerous creatures while the office waits for a hero. That hero is you! Become the Box Knight and bring light back into this dark place. Box Knight is a funny, silly and irreverent side-scrolling action game with rogue-like elements. It’s a mix of The Office and The Lord of the Rings with a comic-like aesthetic. Coming to PC in 2021!

Blob Person

An adventurous Blob Person is transported to a simulacrum of his own world. An enigmatic entity follows their every move. How did Blob Person get here? and why? Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to uncover the truth of this strange place and escape.

Justice: Fallen Clan

Justice is a ninja stealth assassination VR game set in a dystopian Japanese city. Infiltrate and disrupt criminal syndicate business and assassinate leaders.