Project: Box Knight

On Tilt Interactive has been having some fun with a title called Box Knight. Its starting to grow on us, let us know what you think?

A 2D side scrolling brawler, with roguelike elements. By day Jared is just a normal office worker, but when the clock ticks over 5pm on a Friday he becomes ‘Box Knight’. A protector of the realm, of the office. Fighter of evil beings, deliverer of beers and champion of ‘culture’ in the workplace. Level by level, department by department, Jared liberates the office of the toxic scourge that has plagued the once great company.

We will be revisiting this project and converting it to Fake 2D, using 3D models and specific camera angles to give the illusion of 2D while allowing us to use 3D collision and lighting! Come check it out at PAX AUS 2019!